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Building Empathy

In the spirit of giving and receiving thanks, we would like to give our friends and families some ideas for building empathy. We can build empathy through three easy community projects. The following projects are great tools to do with your little student: Assemble Meals: while our students are very young they can learn to … Continue reading “Building Empathy”

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Everyday ways to teach your kids kindness

Every day is a new day for most younger students. Here at Petits Enfants we pride ourselves on giving our students a well-rounded education. We teach everything from mathematics to social interactions. We focus on acts of kindness each and every day. Now we would like to give our families and friends some helpful tips … Continue reading “Everyday ways to teach your kids kindness”

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Play is important to education

Many schools make a differentiation between playing and studying. However, recent studies have shown that play can actually be a great way to teach a child many things, from extended vocabulary to social skills. Let’s look at something simple like playing grocery store.  The children need to understand the concept of retail economics, the identities … Continue reading “Play is important to education”

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